Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting Published

I finished my second novel El Tiburon about a year ago and began the laborious process of having it edited. Once that was completed I began looking for which publishing company would be the best fit for me.

Absolute Write is a tremendous resource for any writer. This is where I first stumbled upon the publishing company, Vinspire. Their website drew me in like a moth to a flame … that’s gross, how about a moth to a light bulb? Anyway they have a great tag-line “Your Travel Guide to Adventure”. As most of you know, I travel a lot. I also write a travel blog; A Dashing Bold Adventure.

El Tiburon takes you to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico. I read the Vinspire submission guidelines to see if they were interested in my genre (a must when submitting a query letter). They were, so I spent several days crafting my query letter and sent it off.

I was completely stunned when they asked me to join the Vinspire family! Since then it has been like starting a new job. They needed cool stuff like my acknowledgment page and biography. They also needed not-so-fun stuff like re-formatting my manuscript and tax info.

For me this is a major adventure. I get to read about what the other authors are up to … Jennifer Bryce, Terry Spear, Diane Wylie, and many others. It feels like sacred ground.


  1. I'm going to Guatemala for spring break, so I'm sure your book will be a fun read after that! :)

  2. May I recommend my travel blog?

    I've been there twice and give a rundown on our travels. We went to Antigua.