Sunday, April 19, 2015

El Tiburon's Baby Steps Towards Publication

A drizzly day in Italy

Each step of this publishing journey is new to me. I find myself getting excited over every detail. My book cover was cool, but I kept waiting to see it in the "Coming Soon" section at Vinspire Publishing. I waited. I began to wonder if this was all a fairy tale and no one was going to actually publish it...and then I clicked on the tab and down in the bottom left-hand corner was my book! I don't actually know when "Soon" is, but I'm guessing this fall.

But I was still surprised (and a little disappointed) I wasn't listed under "Our Authors". I know, I know, I'm getting demanding, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to be on that list so bad :)  And then a couple of days ago Dawn Carrington, Editor-in-Chief, asked for some photos and my bio. I sent them off, checked a couple of days later, and there I was!

Now I'm wondering when I'll get my manuscript back to make the million corrections I'm sure are forthcoming. Right now it's in the mysterious dark abyss of the editor's office.


  1. Your publishing day will come before you know it. Trust me!

    1. She is right, Heidi! it's difficult to be patient, I know, but you'll get there!

  2. Thanks A.J. and Dawn...I don't mind the wait really. It's kind of like waiting in line for a roller-coaster ride you've heard is really wild and fun. The anticipation is part of the experience.