Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Interview by Ronovan Writes

I'm stoked by this interview of El Tiburon!

He did a great job of posing relevant questions, which shows he not only read El Tiburon, but reviewed it too. I'm impressed by his honesty and thoroughness and recommend him to any serious author.

He has asked for Counterpart... maybe we'll be hearing a little about that one in the future? I've had two people say they would be suggesting me to someone they know who produces movies.

Hmm. I'm curious who ya'll think would play Sport and Sean?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Time to Act!
The big day is here… my action adventure novel, El Tiburon is ready for pre-ordering.

The media blitz has already started, and now it’s time for the book to actually be published by Vinspire Publishing

I’m asking, begging, anyone who wants to purchase El Tiburon to buy it before December 31st. If you do that than all the sales will be attributed to December 31st. This will crank up my sales and put me on the best seller lists. Without being too detailed, this will set my career as an author. Just click on the links below, or go to the eStore of your choice:

At this point, it’s not about the money (only $3.99 for eBook), it’s about numbers.

For all of you who are attending my book release party on January 16th, this will get the paperback ($16.99) delivered to your doorstep in time. (I can’t imagine why you’d want me to sign it, but ya’ll are asking, so there you go)
I truly appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy reading El Tiburon as much as this critic did at Ronovan Writes.

I will send out details for the party soon. In the meantime forward this to your friends and post it to your social media J