Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cordova Library's Meet the Author Event

I was invited to speak at the Rancho Cordova Public Library about my new release, El Tiburon. I can’t tell you the last time I went to a public library. It was actually pretty neat. The quiet hushed atmosphere, the respect for other people’s space and concentration. My event was called “Book Talk, El Tiburon by H. Schussman,” and I was warned that five to ten people would actually show up, mostly to eat the snacks.
Luckily for me, a fan set me up to be interviewed by the local newspaper. Margaret Snider from the Grapevine Independent wrote a great article about me being a local author and how people should come meet me. It worked! I had about twenty readers show up. They asked about Guatemala, the garbage dump, writing, and how to get published… I talked with them for a good hour and could’ve kept going!

I was especially intrigued by a lovely couple from India who were visiting their son in Rancho Cordova. They read the paper and decided since they were also authors, they should come see this American author. They were delightful, asking relevant questions and having their photo taken with me.  A week later found us sitting in their hotel room amongst children and grandchildren eating Indian snacks and drinking American wine. Both are doctors and opened a hospital in a small city in Western India. They specialize in Medical Tourism. By the time we left them (five hours later) we had promised we would come to India and stay with them. I can still see Rajeev’s face as he held out his hands and said, “You come to India, and we will show you the underbelly of our country!” For those of you who know us, you won’t be surprised that this sent a shiver of excitement through me. Visiting a nearby forest to meet an indigenous people-group and stay in a house on top of a hospital with two lovely doctors… oh the joy of a serendipitous meeting.